Silt Striders of Balic



Meanwhile, in Balic…

Hoping to figure out what is actually going on, and determine where our heroes have gone, a group assembles to contact Kik’Oda and unearth some leads. With that in mind, Praetor Moon, Priscilla, Captain Husk, and Ared go to meet Kik’Oda on the docks. An unusually large crowd is on the docks, making it impossible to get to him before a number of distractions occur, and a wave of zombies erupts from a wagon in to the crowd of people. Kik’Oda vanishes to get away from the mess, and the other four clean it up. In the midst of it, they encounter a tusked man named Tarek who explains he has been stealing away on to boats in the docks to prevent a vision of his from occurring – an artifact gold in color bringing great pain and misery.

After regathering their wits, they discover that a new templar, Praetor Gregor Udema, has spirited away something from one of the boats (coincidentally, the one with undead nearby) bringing it to the arena district. Sensing something foul is occurring, they head to the primary arena with great haste.

Arriving, they find themselves outwitting guards by showing up in disguise, fast talking, bribing, luring beggars as a distraction, and sumo wrestling. They easily overpower two guards and find Gregor in the basement of the arena with a mysterious cloud of purple swirling gas. Praetor Moon and Priscilla beat the bajeezus out of Gregor while the gas forms up in to the form of a Djinn, as well as the artifact which the groups infers is a ticking time bomb. Husk takes a nap while Ared teleports the bomb out of the room and distracts the Djinn with chaotic fire.

With Gregor dispatched, Husk wakes up and the group tears off through the city with a cart and kank that Tarek has procured. Husk takes the reins and madly rushes forward while Priscilla and Moon persuade common folk to get out of the way. Ared reasons with the Djinn with very timely success, and citing a favor owed, the Djinn teleports the group safely away from the cart before it crashes in to the city wall, detonating and blowing out a huge chunk of the city wall.


Holy crap Ared has a beard!?


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