Silt Striders of Balic

The Fall of Andropinis

Crashing through the front gates, the heroes riding the phoenix clambered through a hole and tossed the few guards who’d been at that post to their deaths, moving quickly to find and engage Andropinis. They found themselves in a maze, caught up in the labyrinth of corridors and traps that the Eladrin who built it had established. Though Andropinis had greatly altered the interior to match his specifications, the structure retained its unwelcoming atmosphere and navigating it proved to be a laborious chore. Using all their skills and working as a team, they eventually found their way to Andropinis’ elite guards who’d staged an ambush on an outdoor courtyard. His archers were dangerous, but they were quickly dispatched by Althaea and the group was able to eliminate his final guardians and breach his innermost defenses.

Finding him in his throne room, they are faced with another ambush as well as Andropinis himself, High Praetor Tovis, and the traitorous Leon Strassam. Over the course of the battle Leon flees his post and control of the citadel is lost, causing it to tip and bob and knock people off their feet. Strassam eventually rejoins the fight though he proves an inept combatant and is slain quickly along with Tovis. As Andropinis realizes he’s surrounded and losing, he plays his trump card and reveals the reassembled debris of the Kamatur Monument, installed in to this room for exactly this purpose. The party’s efforts to defeat him prove insufficient, and he begins calling the ghosts of the Gray for the same nefarious purposes as Abernil Maddock.

The summoning calls a different spirit, which turns out to be the spirit of Vorelixen, who’s need for vengeance manifested her as a ghostly hag; a queen of such creatures, and with her anger and arcane power the group is able to shatter the circle of protection generated by the monument and overcome Andropinis’ defenses. In his final moments, the beast within him takes over, and his body twists and morphs in to that of an enormous red dragon. The act of doing so obliterates the structure of the room, and while Gorye is agile enough to dodge the explosion of flesh and muscle the rest of the group including Vorelixen are swept on to a wing membrane as the creature takes off in to the sky.

It takes them some time to dispatch the beast as it tries to shake them off and enters a blood frenzy, but eventually its mammoth heart stops beating and they crash in to the sands outside of the Grove where Granger waits with a shovel, whistling at how lousy his next burial will be.

Meanwhile, Gorye finds herself unable to wrest complete control of the Nyrrandahl before its torrents of arcane flame defile and obliterate the city of Balic. In her desperation, she steers the craft as hard as she can in to the silt sands and it crashes beneath them, sparing the city but killing her in the process.

The Doppleganger's Defeat

As Samm’s corpse hit the sands, Althaea flew in to a rage and in the ensuing combat managed to wrest control of the fight from the High Praetor DeConste and cut her down, causing some of the combatants to take a step back and reassess their chances of winning the scrum. Meanwhile, Samm’s spirit found itself imprisoned in the Raven Queen’s domain, taunted by a shadowy figure in the darkness. Finding his way to the Raven Queen’s throne, he found it occupied by the Arch Devil Dispater, who referenced a deal bringing Samm to him. Samm proved that his strength of will was the better, and Dispater was not powerful enough to collect. Literally unwilling to die, Samm became a legendary figure known as an Undying Warrior, and rejoined the chaos in the arena.

Seeing a religious experience immediately before them, the onlookers took to following the direction of the four as a full on riot broke out over the city and templar peacekeepers were either converted to anarchists on the spot or killed for their role in the fascism they endured. The throng broke the palace doors down and chased Andropinis’ body double in to the palace gardens, where he was slain before the crowd giving them the illusion of freedom. In the aftermath, the crowd literally tore down walls of Andropinis’ Alabaster Prison, freeing the imprisoned inside and discovering an active portal to the debris and remnants of the Feywild.

The group quickly arrived to survey it themselves, but in so doing alerted an angel of wrath who had been dispatched by “Melora” to destroy Althaea for crimes against her. Engaging the group with the aid of a phoenix, it proved no match for them and the phoenix was rapidly converted to a willing mount with the nature expertise of Rikard.

As Andropinis returned to the city to put down the rebellion, the phoenix took off through the portal and in to Athas, bringing the four to the floating citadel Nyrrandahl for the final showdown.

The High Praetor DeConste

Vorelixen’s corpse was laid out over a funeral pyre as Ared hosted a service for her heroic sacrifice. After a few words, the mourners formed a line to pray near her corpse as Samm performed funeral rites. Rikard noticed a trio of odd mourners, including a horned woman who harvested a bit of Vorelixen’s hair, and the group set out to track them believing them rightly suspicious. After a trek through the desert, they arrived at a defiled crater in a petrified former-forest, wherein they discovered the trio was actually a group of familiar faces who’ve been inspired to act against Andropinis in Ella Tourna, Ganus, and Lucius. The harvesting of hair was part of a ritual to determine if the death of Vorelixen was a farce or a reality. While discussing these matters, a maddened Eladrin survivor of the destroyed Feywild twisted with defiling magics assaulted them, but was easily dispatched.

The trio convinced the group to enact part of a plan to start a riot in Balic, drawing out Andropinis from his looted doomsday weapon for a final showdown. They went to Raam to catch a silt corsair bound to Balic, and found the pirate captain once imprisoned in the Ivory Prison Captain Barrlough in charge of it. The travel went smoothly, and they arrived at a ghost village outside of the city limits to meet with Anguish, who was more than willing to expend some effort and disguise the group to get them in to the city. They proved to the guards tending the gate they possessed coin, and were allowed to enter only to find the same parade that started their adventures two years ago was just about to begin as a junior templar completed the assignment Vorelixen once had.

Lucius’ plan was to turn or eliminate the two remaining High Praetors in town, namely Madoon and DeConste, and in addition to slay a body double that Andropinis left behind in a public fashion to give the people hope that a sorcerer king can be killed and thus incite a riot. Samm hatched a plan to host a massive gladiatorial game and sow disruption throughout the entire event, culminating in an enormous clusterfuck and giving the group a chance to reach both High Praetors at the same time. Oddly successful in their endeavors, the group also was able to pursue a few other odds and ends including a funeral service for Samm’s cousin, a redemption of Leonnard Udema, saving of the Grove, catching and slaying Gorye’s one-time owner, raising the gladiators as an unruly militia, and digging up some delectable info regarding the agents sent to recover the Eladrin citadel Nyrrandahl, converted to Andropinis’ weapon of mass destruction.

As the High Praetors reacted to the messy scene, Samm burst in to their chambers causing Madoon to flee under a table and DeConste to draw steel. Meanwhile, Madoon’s aides revealed themselves as more rakshasa agents of Andropinis. The melee was a chaotic mess and at the height of the brawl, Samm was faced with something he’d never really experienced before as DeConste was proven to be his better, and she cut him down.

Founding the City Xanthus

As Althaea left the room, it visibly sagged under the weight of the years that should have crushed it to rubble ages ago. After a brief discussion, Ared fell through a secret door just as Lakan-Do emerged from it. He volunteered to take the fall for what transpired in the Fortress, but they insisted he depart with them and so they fled. In the chaos of escaping without being recognized (for the Fortress had just been under a terrorist assault mere days ago) Lakan-Do explained that someone from the group’s ship was waiting for them at the Cost of Valor Tavern in the merchant district.

Arriving there, they met with a bald-headed man who was revealed to be Titivilus, obscuring his identity by pretending to be one of these strange outsiders who arrived to Kalidnay via the Tragic Hero. He was interested particularly in discussing matters with Vorelixen, who he felt would eventually come to blows with Dispater and he felt that it was wiser to unite with her than with the ruler of Dis. As a sign of good faith, he revealed that there had been another terrorist attack on the Fortress that resulted in several artifacts of King Kalid-Ma being stolen by none other than the beholder whom Samm wrestled in the Twisted Rune meeting hall. Among these relics was a spellbook containing numerous rituals of the former sorcerer king.

Heading out to locate this hidden manse of the beholder, they discovered a series of chambers that led to his central lair. A repurposed and far-realm defiled dwarven tomb, it was littered with traps both mundane and arcane that the group needed to circumvent. Finally, they arrived in the inner manse and did battle with the beholder, and managed to defeat him in spite of his twisting of the dwarven ghosts still wandering the passages in madness and far realm artifacts spraying rays of arcane fire. Initially hesitant to take the ritual book for fear of becoming the monster Kalid-Ma was, Vorelixen eventually claims it and stashes it in a bag of holding. Also amongst the treasures was the fantastic artifact known as the Dreamheart, a literal petrified eye of a long-sleeping Far Realm deity.

At this time, Vorelixen began to feel the dagger humming to life. It made promises of minions to her and attempted to direct her hand, which she made no effort to resist. It led her and the group by proxy to the harvest square, where she performed rapidly a ritual she wasn’t aware of how to cast on her own. It opened a portal with Argiovinias on the other side, who looked pleased until a barbed spear penetrated his back and killed him outright. Other portals tore open throughout the area and a horde of devils from Cania appeared slaughtering citizens all over. The Faith Warden erupted on to the scene, spraying bolts of arcane lightning on the group while they did battle with the devil horde. Eventually, Ared arrived and bull rushed the Faith Warden, demanding that they go to the Fortress, find the ritual circle there, and cast a transportation ritual that was supposed to move the city back to Athas. And at that moment, Mephistopheles himself emerged from the portal, ready to lay waste to the city and slay them outright.

As Rikard and Vorelixen flew with great haste to the Fortress to attempt the ritual, Althaea and Samm dueled Mephistopheles to buy them time. With only a minute or so to jockey back and forth and spar verbally, the duo in the Fortress deciphered and began casting the ritual of transposition prepared by Kalid-Ma over six centuries ago. When the last words were spoke, it was determined that a blood sacrifice of a living devil was required to complete the ritual. With none present, Vorelixen hung from the sacrificial hooks as Rikard harvested her blood, slaying her but completing the ritual. Having dispatched Thakok-An with his bare hands, Ared began tuning in to the ritual to aim and steer his former city to its new destination, beyond the veil of the Gray. In so doing, the devils were swept from it, left trapped in the Black without a means of escape. And so, the city came crashing down in to Athas, followed only by the battered Tragic Hero flying on its figurative coattails.

In the aftermath, Ared took on the mantle of King Ared Kalid-Not, seeking to distance himself from his alter-ego in ages past. To further clear the twisted history of it, he allowed the city’s surviving heroes to rename the city. In honor of Vorelixen’s sacrifice, they named it for her; the City State of Xanthus.

Divinity Claimed

The threat dispatched, the group is free to reconvene, lick their wounds, and observe the warriors of Kalidnay putting down the errant zombies and cleaning the black bile-blood from the roof of the Fortress. They find their reception from the Kalidnayvians is slightly less hostile, though some other alien force of darkness is detectable in the city and appears to be growing.

At once, Vorelixen’s dagger appears to be responding to this, and meanwhile…

Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Bel, and Dispater are in council. The Lords of Hell are discussing what is to be done about the Renewer, a mortal man whose divine spark threatens to unbalance Athas. They bicker about what is to be done with him, a man Dispater claims is currently under his authority. As the discussion continues to grill Dispater about his plans and playthings, the topic becomes the hated city of Kalidnay, and what can be done about it. Plans are proposed but none are all that convincing until Dispater sees fit to reveal his ace in the hole – He has an operative within the city already, who can be utilized to give them what they need. Mephistopheles demands he be allowed to enter the city with an army and claim the source of divinity within, but Asmodeus comes down hard on the idea, mocking Mephistopheles for not seeing the bigger picture and knowing of the pact between devils and gods that leaves Athas without their meddling. In the end, nobody is happy, but Asmodeus comes to a conclusion and instructs his cohorts to follow it to the letter…

Recovering from the dagger’s hold on her, Vorelixen takes a moment to instigate a thorough questioning of Ared, who seems as bewildered as usual. Taking some time to mock him for a believed romance with the Faith Warden centuries ago, they begin taking the tour of the Fortress on their own to recover some of Ared’s misplaced memories.

One in particular strikes, as he reacts with near-glee over his capture of what he determines to be a lesser deity within some sort of arcane iron cage. He taunts it as he scribbles notes furiously about it in to his notebook, with such ferocity he breaks the skin on his fingers and in so doing, terminates the vision. Ared confirms this is the source of the Faith Warden’s deity-like visage, and they agree to investigate it fully.

They arrive in the darkened corridors of the Fortress underbelly to find the room in shambles. Glass lays broken where it was kicked over by Kalid-Ma in the vision centuries ago, and the cage is still in the far end of the room. As they penetrate the unforgiving divine darkness of the room, they see the cage has actually been rent and the god has gotten free. It appears in the form of a child, chiding them for arriving but revealing it cannot leave the room. It seals the group in with it with an intent to harvest their power, and they are forced to engage it in combat. After a difficult fight, it appears to re-encase itself in the cage it occupied so long ago. The Dolorous, eager to taste its divinity, makes demands of Althaea to kill it, tempting her with the opportunity to use its power to rebuild the Feywild and undo her failure at Yggdrasil. The temptation proves to be too much for her and she slices the cage in half, destroying the deity inside and claiming its power in a chaotic explosion.

The aftermath is a scrambled mess as they try to escape the room and its disturbing reaction, and as Rikard attempts to get Althaea from the room, Samm’s glaive asserts itself forcing him to toss Rikard aside and keep Althaea boxed in. Althaea, undeterred, walks calmly from the room with the Dolorous in hand, giving Samm enough pause to step aside, and to kneel.

Up above, the Faith Warden’s divine power ebbs and fades.

The Twisted Rune

Ared stumbles in to the Twisted Rune hideout after hearing the screams, and attempts to put on an intimidating show. Mara, seeing her target stumble blindly in to the room, breaks contact from the group and begins pursuing him with great haste. Uninterested in potentially fighting a bunch of aberrant monsters to the death while their target gets away, the group makes for the exits including Samm, who spends some time riding a Beholder and punching it in the eyestalks before leaping out a second floor window.

The chase takes them through the city, and though they are able to rescue Ared (who spends much of this time hiding in different barrels) they are unable to match the great speed at which Mara moves as she disappears in to the shadows once again.

At this moment, they realize it is about time to get cleaned up and meet the Faith Warden per her decree. Lakan-Do takes them past the guards and iron bars of the Fortress, her palace, and ushers them through to the banquet hall. Along the way, Ared continually relives memories as they return from his travels through his old haunts. Inexplicably, these memories are relived among everybody else in the group as well, including Lakan-Do who begins to look doubtful about his family’s mission all these centuries.

At long last they meet with the Faith Warden, who immediately displays an uncomfortable romantic attraction to Ared as though they were once lovers. Ared clearly wants nothing to do with her, and he continually backpedals from her to get away until he trips and falls in to a barrel of dark crimson liquid. As dinner is served, he is still wearing much of it, and the Faith Warden tries to be as sultry and seductive as possible much to Ared’s discontent. The meal is revealed to be none other than the organs and blood of harvested devils, which is disconcerting in its own right.

Dinner is made significantly more awkward as Ared relives another of his memories, seeing a vision of himself tormenting a homely young templar who drops his serving dish and spills harvested blood. The Faith Warden bites her lip hard enough to draw blood as a tear runs down her face, and Ared begins making excuses to leave when the whole dinner is interrupted by a man stumbling in and coughing up hideous black bile. The contagion strikes many other Kalidnayvians, and Lakan-Do takes the Faith Warden to a safe room while the outbreak begins animating these dying creatures and transforming them in to hideous zombies.

The group battles these zombies and tries to move quickly through the Fortress to find the source. What they discover is the cultist from the Twisted Rune atop the roof, who taunts them for lack of understanding and asserts that after killing them, he will claim divinity by harvesting the godling contained within the Fortress. A battle ensues between the group, numerous zombies, the cultist, and an enraged battle wight. The wight proves to be a difficult foe to duel with, and though he and the cultist are dispatched it takes an incredible physical toll on the group, in particular Rikard.

The Lost City of Kalidnay

Emerging from the infested pits of the Ziggurat, the paragons discover Ared having a frustrated conversation with Sacha and Wyan, as they openly mock him for believing he is a former sorcerer king and tempted him with tidbits about his former realm. He spends several days angrily trying to pull any useful information out of them, pausing only to go outside and defile some of the carpet of spongy purple flesh coating the ground. During this time, the paragons are reunited with the Tragic Hero and its new first mate, Gebak To’mee. They spend several days helping out in the city, cleaning the gore off their armor, and generally just taking a moment to recover after a few days of especially brutal fighting. After all is said and done, Ared takes to the ship to research his former realm.

In looking for a quiet place to read, he stumbles across Captain Husk’s smuggling compartment. Within, caked with sweat and grime, is Rikard. Having successfully completed a complex ritual involving the spilling of plenty of blood, he is quite exhausted and swears Ared to secrecy. He recovers the fruit of his labor, an enormous acorn with throbbing black veins, and heads off to rejoin his companions as though he was never missing in the first place.

After a few more days, Ared has a breakthrough. He describes his plan with maddening precision, using such a tremendous amount of arcane gibberish that even the magically inclined of the group need to tell him to slow down. In his excitement, he explains that he believes Kalidnay was set past the Grey, and with the right ritual, he could do the same to the ship.

Using all their powers, Ared performed the ritual and the Tragic Hero rocketed through the Grey. Though it moved at a high speed, it was not fast enough for the horror of the Grey known as Grasping Helene, who engaged them on the deck of the ship as it sped through the spirit world. Fending the beast off, the ship tore a hole in the walls of the Grey and emerged in the lifeless, matterless Black beyond.

The group spots Kalidnay, who are already arming massive weapons and pointing them at the ship. With some direction, the ship lands just outside the city proper on a floor of black rock. The group is met by the city’s mystics, including one named Lakan-Do who is to give the newcomers a proper tour of the city before they meet with the Faith Warden; the ruler of this city considered to be a deity.

Lakan-Do shows them the city proper, which is filled with bustling warrior-folk wearing numerous metal piercings. Their role is quickly determined to be penitence in nature as they atone for their failings by being repeatedly shocked with arcane lightning as it rattles through their many studs and rings. Lakan-Do shows them as well the Harvest Square, which is an enclosed square that the people of Kalidnay use to summon devils and then promptly overcome and harvest them fully, including blood, meat, and organs. Lakan-Do explains that a woman had come through earlier and was a little put off by it, and the description matches that of Mara, formerly of Urik.

With the tour completed, Lakan-Do dismisses his entourage and confesses to being a pro-Kalid-Ma terrorist, hellbent on dethroning the Faith Warden so Kalid-Ma can return to power. The scene is awkward for Ared, who tries to sound authoritative and fails miserably. They use Lakan-Do’s knowledge to learn more about Mara, and he also renders them a prophecy written in the time of Kalid-Ma:

Gem of the sands, coveted by Hell
Cast to the winds
A warrior battled by friend and foe
A soul torn asunder
When the heart is dead the lungs shall reign
A resurrection wrought by man and slave
Tendrils of six, one for each
Of the sins committed that day
Penance will be final, to slay the student by bloodied hands
The warrior battles on unknowing
And claims his place in Paradise

At this moment, Rikard feels the urge to cast a ritual known as History Revealed on Ared, searching for any insight in to what happened centuries ago.

Among the visions that follow, one is decidedly important. In it, Ared devises the mark of six fingers by harvesting the hand of a corpse in his ritual fire, searing it in to his skin before laying himself to rest atop a wooden table. At the last moment of the vision, a woman comes in and professes her love to Kalid-Ma before trying to reverse his ritual, causing a calamitous explosion that ends the vision.

With time before dinner, they decide that Mara must be slain to prevent any of her meddling in the city, and so with Lakan-Do’s direction make their way to her base of operations. Upon arrival, they discover it is the base of operations not just for her and her potentially Bloodstone-line punching gauntlet, but for a cultist operation known as the Twisted Rune. They are assailed by Mara, a demon of shadow, an elemental creation, a cultist of Tiamat, and when things already look dire enough, an elder Beholder.

The Liberation of Tyr

With Ol’ White Eyes dispatched, Arthur’s scheming takes on a wholly different tone. He becomes very assertive, forcing the Veiled Alliance to participate in a complex plan of attack that requires many moving parts but could potentially overcome the menace entirely. After some awkward confrontation between Sadira the former gladiator and Arthur, he outlines the next step – The Illithids focus their control around two points, Kalak’s impenetrable Ziggurat and the Brickyards. His plan is to go to the Brickyards to try to recover the psionic circlets that the Illithids use for dominating slaves with greater force of will, so that they can be used to turn the tides on the Illithids for the eventual capture of the Ziggurat.

The paragons, being the most combat-worthy of the group, set out to recover them by engaging the forces at the Brickyards. Possibly because of the death of Ol’ White Eyes, they are able to get in and out quite quickly having to fight only a scant few of the mind flayers before making their escape with circlets in tow.

Arthur outlines the rest of the plan, letting the paragons determine which of their number would commit to each goal. They would decide on Ared and Folyk Charce constructing an arcane bomb to lay waste to the Ziggurat’s defenders, Captain Husk’s pirates to disarm the traps on the Ziggurat, Priscilla and Arthur to call out sentries, Sadira to draw guards away with physical violence, Dorean the Druid to enrage the Dagorran Mind-Hound menace, Albert Shale to plot a route through the Under-Tyr to bypass most of the Mind Flayer army, Praetor Moon to lift the portcullis to the Ziggurat proper, Xhek Vaughn to distract and disorient wayward sentries, Sergeant Haziz and his soldiers to break enthrallments and start a militia, and Gorye to raid weapons caches. Meanwhile, the group itself would be putting the circlets to good use by trying to capture important Mind Flayers and use them as an in to the tight security at the Ziggurat.

Most would be successful, though Folyk’s ill fated attempt on Ared nearly subverted the bomb. Ared, being unable to stay dead, simply got back up and killed Folyk before constructing the bomb. However, Albert Shale failed in his mission, and the group was forced to take his role and attempt to forge the way through the Under-Tyr with great haste to avoid causing the mission to fail and everybody to die.

With some delay, they arrive at the Ziggurat finding it curiously empty and the bomb having already exploded, perhaps prematurely. Evidence suggests that other, non-mind flayers have been through after the bomb’s devastation as well, though it’s difficult to identify who.

Entering the Ziggurat, they encounter Wyan and Sacha, two severed heads on golden skewers that continue to speak and act as though alive. They have a brief discussion with the group about the other newcomers here, the Mind Flayer infestation, working as advisors for King Kalak, and so forth. Their responses are dripping with sarcasm, but they aren’t outright malicious. Moving beyond them, the group descends in to the greatest concentration of Mind Flayer activity.

Deep within the Ziggurat, they find their target. An enormous brine pool is guarded and tended to by many illithids, and the reason for it is the enormous brain resting within. A fight immediately breaks out as the Mind Flayers defend their leader, and it is further complicated when Horace, a member of the True seeking to resurrect Kalak, enters the fracas with his entourage of loyal former-templar. The fighting is fierce, but Horace is put down and the brain defeated, leaving the mind flayers disoriented and disorganized. Kalak’s body is fully disposed by Samm’s funeral rites, and the day is won.

Ol' White Eyes

Arthur brings the group in to the Well Oiled Sandal, a re-purposed inn that houses the Veiled Alliance cell of Tyr. Oddly enough, as they hold their meeting here the only paragon who has been here before is vacant, as Rikard has seemingly slipped away in the confusion. Arthur introduces the members here, and begins explaining his plan – While they have had many opportunities to strike at their brutal overlords, their schemes are generally thwarted by a seemingly preternatural detection by the Mind Flayer Gestapo, led by a beast they call Ol’ White Eyes. In order to progress with their mission, Ol’ White Eyes must be dispatched.

The plan calls for appropriate bait, so Arthur and the group set out to recover a man who was part of the original targets of the Mind Flayer invasion – A former templar of King Kalak and later King Tithian. With Mind Flayers bearing down on them from all sides, they manage to lift the domination of the Mind Flayers from this man known as Fian and make their escape with him.

Their plan calls for a way to separate Ol’ White Eyes from the full retinue of Mind Flayers such as to slay him before they can swarm the resistance. Making their way to a guardpost with a dropping portcullis, their bate does indeed draw the Gestapo to them. While setting the trap, they see the source of Ol’ White Eyes’ perception as he draws the Sargessa from his robes. He stalls before the trap can be sprung, but the group is able to bottleneck him by the gate and cut him down before he can manage an escape. They are forced to flee themselves, but with Ol’ White Eyes killed and the Sargessa recovered it is clear that further operations would be easier to execute.

Treachery in Urik

Yggdrasil struck thusly by the Dolorous Blade wielded by undead Boder, the group had an urgent need to flee from the Oba who was bearing down on their location in a rage. Evading her minions and traps, they made their way to the Tragic Hero, where they found themselves tangled awkwardly in the mess of dead branches. Samm distracted her in what turned out to be a ruse as he pretended to be preparing to engage her in single combat, but in her distraction the crew cut the ship loose and they fled with all haste.

Confirming the need to return to Tyr and destroy the Mind Flayer infestation, they turned to Urik to attempt to get King Hamanu to sponsor them with a unit of his deadly soldiers. Led to a waiting room while Hamanu communed with “the dragon”, they unknowingly walked in to a trap set by none other than the sleazy merchant Del. His assassination attempt backfired, and the group surged through Hamanu’s palace to track him down. When they finally discovered him, they found him in league with Rakshasa and together they were working disguises and enchantment to blend in with Urik’s soldiery.

When he was finally slain and his soul harvested, the group spoke briefly with Inquisitor Randall Sapesh and was eventually led to speak with Hamanu. With great skill, they convinced him of the urgency of their plight and he agreed to send one hundred soldiers under the command of a promising Sergeant and a merchant house leader.

Their ship struck in to the infestation of Tyr and deposited its payload of pirates, soldiers, and paragons. Their immediate assault drew the attention of numerous mind flayers, but also of Arthur who had been waiting for a sign they’d arrived. After a skirmish, he led them quickly to the hideout of the resistance movement.


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