Silt Striders of Balic

Tragic Heroic Intervention

The escape only partially completed, the group weaves through Andropinis’ halls with great haste. Finding themselves to be quite deep within, they are forced to navigate through significantly more of the guarded corridors than they’d like. With immediate freedom shut off by heavily guarded main doors, the group heads up the stairs to prepare a daring escape through a window or balcony.

They find their bounty in an enormous sitting chamber some floors up, seemingly unguarded. Entering the chamber the door slams shut, and the presence of Andropinis is made known as he reveals himself and begins assailing the party with defiling magic. Mara too is present in the chamber, though she finds herself fighting a losing battle as the entire group sans Samm (who is too busy going toe-to-toe with Andropinis) gangs up on her.

Over time it appears that the group can’t realistically combat Andropinis by themselves, and it becomes a test of their endurance to remain upright while doing their best to kill Mara. Instead, a battering ram of wood and bone crashes in to the side of the tower, as the Tragic Hero slams through the wall a hundred feet off the ground. Making their escape, Captain Husk taunts the duo with his genitals and Ared incapacitates Mara with a magic blast.

Flying hastily away from Balic, the group is led in to a makeshift meeting chamber aboard the Tragic Hero where they are reacquainted with Moon, Priscilla, and Hariharan. The latter explains that there is some funny business going on in Gulg, and that an Eladrin army is waging war on the Oba united under the flag of a warlord calling himself Bloodstone.


As the Sidhe possessed by Arthur suffers its final spasms, he desperately tries to understand the Alabaster Prison and assist the group in their escape. Explaining that there must be a primary prisoner that acted as a keystone, the group determined they needed to look for important people. Rikard, given a chance to focus a little more, begins to determine only some of the people in this prison are real and the rest are shadows of the memories being relived by the prisoners. After determining King Honeyleaf was a legitimate prisoner, they accept his attempt to help – A peace summit across the sea is a gathering of the leaders of this realm, and Honeyleaf offers his position in the summit in exchange for slaying the Jarl of the Gnomish people, Jarl Billiguck of Glittergolem. They accept his terms.

They travel to the port to meet with Captain Barrlough of the Screaming Corsair, a nixie pirate captain who travels the waters between Honeyleaf’s kingdom and the summit. It isn’t long in to their voyage (during which Samm is horrifically seasick) when they encounter an armada of warships staffed with strange rat-men wearing elaborate plague masks. Althaea is able to explain that these are an extinct race known as the Tari, who have a physiological trait that makes them ideal carriers of disease which they try to halt the spread of through the use of masks, medicines, and prayer. After a brief exchange, Barrlough mocks them for fearing the wrath of a missing Sorcerer King named Kalid-Ma, known to them as the Tari Scourge.

Naturally they are right to fear as Kalid-Ma’s fleet materializes before them, utterly crushing what Tari resistance can be mustered. In their effort to break through the fleet and escape to the summit, our heroes come face to face with the king himself. Though he looks different, his identity is clear as that of Ared. He doesn’t recognize the group at all, but does attempt to make war on them sending a projection of himself to board their vessel. They manage to fight off the simulacrum and escape beyond the waves, safely docking at the summit site.

Once at the final site, they decide to case the joint and begin planning their multi-pronged assassination. Sitting down for a pre-discussion dinner, they are introduced to the council including the Jarl, a clay golem, a man turning in to greenish marble, an enormous centaur, a pixie, a satyr, and an eladrin nobleman who is convinced Althaea is the queen of the kingdom he speaks for.

Determining the gnome must be the keystone as well as being their target for Honeyleaf, they tail him to his estate and commence the assassination. As his corpse is tumbling to the ground, the facade of the prison begins to fade and rapidly they find themselves deep within Andropinis’ halls once again, standing over the body of the last Gnome on Athas.

The Alabaster Prison

Our heroes depart Draj in its state of turmoil with the plan of returning to Balic. Vorelixen, hellbent on reporting to her superior as well as trying to out this traitor who seems to keep putting her life in danger, drags the others along with her as they make their way to the nearest port in the city of Raam. There, they are exposed to a number of various stories and news tidbits floating around the northern coast. Tales of Tyr being under martial law, stories of glass and steam golems patrolling outside of Gulg, Gulg itself being a warzone for a dream world-related prize, and of course a deadly cambion warrior who beheaded the sorcerer king of Draj himself. On the latter, Althaea and Samm feel themselves compelled to correct the stories, and go prosthelytize the truth in the streets.

They meet up with First Mate Leon Strassam, who is really more acting captain Strassam while Husk is off adventuring. They hitch a free ride on the Tragic Hero back to Balic, and observe some peculiar new habits of the crew that indicates Strassam might be too good a leader for this band. However, they reach Balic without any major altercations, and begin settling back in to their old home.

Vorelixen reports in to Andropinis after trying to bully her way past his secretary with a severed hand, and finds herself interrupting Andropinis’ construction of a tiny model town. She answers his demands, and he sends her forth to perform her job and dig up information on the supposed traitor. Rounding up the group, they head off to find clues in the arena, elven market, slave market, noble district, hall of statues, ruins at Mount Laeron, the praetorium, and the shipyard. Comparing their notes, they decide it must be High Praetor Ganus of the City Works division who has betrayed the kingdom. In trying to lure him out, they tip their hand pretty conspicuously and then wander a few days travel away from town. Without anybody to stop him, Ganus packs his bags and leaves.

Upon their return, a false Ganus has been planted in his estate and the place has been burned to the ground. The four are summoned to Andropinis’ chamber, after promises are made to bury the dead in the ruins of Mount Laeron. Andropinis voices extreme satisfaction with the job done, even though the job wasn’t their doing or completed correctly. He sends them with a palace guard to the treasury, which is an obvious trap but the group finds themselves surrounded by overwhelming numbers of guards.

As they descend, we see a meeting of the remaining High Praetors with King Andropinis. They voice their displeasure or mirth at various elements of Andropinis’ plans, but in the end a decision is made to merge the two now vacant offices and fill them with a candidate of Andropinis’ choosing.

Upon passing through the portal to the “treasury”, the heroes find themselves in a regal castle within a wintery pine forest, attended by Sidhe fae-people with flutes of champagne. King Suckle Honeyleaf celebrates their presence, and somehow manages to avoid getting killed when things get violent. Trolls storm in to the room, and are surprisingly easy to slay in spite of the stories of the great troll slayer Hamanu’s genocide of their race.

A corpse becomes possessed after the fighting, and appears to be inhabited by none other than Arthur, the kalashtar associate of the late Tulnis in Tyr. He explains they’re in Andropinis’ Alabaster Prison: A prison for the mind that allows Andropinis to safely entrap those deemed too valuable to put to death but too dangerous for a standard prison.

As the camera fades out, we see Andropinis on a balcony explaining that the murderer Vorelixen Xanthus has been put to death for the slaying of High Praetor Ganus, and that a new templar will be introduced to occupy both positions. Mara steps forward, and the camera fades to black.

The Mark of Six Fingers

With the Black Guard in the arena dispatched, Samm was able to escape the coliseum and be reunited with our heroes in the basement level of the Father and Master Temple. Althaea, Vorelixen, and Rikard use their know-how and social aptitude to sneak through guards and traps, while Samm and Tarek beat the crap out of Tectuktitlay’s pious, trip over unconscious guards, and otherwise cause mayhem. Tarek leaves the group to sneak past a patrol and raise a portcullis, and Vorelixen incinerates the defenders beyond.

On the second floor, they find the armory and defeat its defenses which include the last of Tectuktitlay’s Black Guard Obsidian Golems. It is there that Samm loots the Abyssal Flayer, a glaive from the set of nine weapons forged by Thorin Bloodstone. They also loot lots of swanky treasure to the tune of just under 30,000 gold.

They take steps to maneuver through the temple to rescue Ared, wandering in to a feast hall where the elite Jasuan Knights and the high priests are having dinner. Ruining the dinner and slaying those who sup, they pull back a curtain to reveal Ared being horrifically tortured while strapped down to a sacrificial altar behind the observation throne of the sorcerer king Tectuktitlay.

It is revealed by Tectuktitlay that Ared was once a sorcerer king, though his identity beyond that is left unknown. What is known is that he is branded with the mark of six fingers, and Tectuktitlay believes it is somehow tied in to Vorelixen and some elaborate plan. She responds by skewering him with an obsidian javelin, tossing his body in to the gladiatorial arena. Tarek returns from under the balcony and joins the fight, while the fans cheer for their favorite sides. Eventually the glaive looted from the armory gets its chance to serve its purpose, and Samm decapitates Tectuktitlay.

With an opportunity to do largely as they wish before leaving town, Samm speaks to the people and essentially incites a riot while Vorelixen interrogates Tectuktitlay’s highest ranking remaining guards to determine how he knew about her brand. Her interrogation revealed that a high praetor of Balic was feeding him information, and the group decided to travel to Balic.


Eluding Maxlixoco’s guards, the group makes a break for the streets causing mayhem and distractions along the way. Whilst fleeing through the city, they encounter a few old faces in that of Ared and Kikoda, and Kikoda begins leading them down a narrow alleyway in to an abandoned storefront. As Samm covers the alley, it is revealed Kikoda has sold them out and set a trap that the party has fallen in to. They are arrested and brought to Tectuktitlay for trial.

In Tectuktitlay’s quarters, it is revealed that he knows of Ared’s bizarre condition and that Vorelixen has been marked with the brand of six fingers. Pausing only to mock them, he divides up the group. He sentences Samm to fight dangerous beasts for the amusement of his people until they kill him. He brings Ared to his public sacrificial altar to destroy him before his people. He condemns the rest of the group to the temple’s drake pits to be fed to his beloved Jasuan Drakes.

While being led to the pits, someone with great stealth neutralizes most of the guards and frees the food-to-be revealing himself to be Tarek. Tarek has tailed them for a while, having read a passage in his book that suggests they will be important in his future. With Tarek’s assistance, they are able to run amok in the temple causing mayhem and destruction by killing guards and setting off magical traps.

Meanwhile, Samm is confined to the arena and is forced to fight beasts for the crowd’s amusement. When Samm is proving to be difficult to kill using traditional arena monsters, Tectuktitlay releases his Black Guard in to finish the job – enormous golems made of razor sharp obsidian. Samm gets the crap well and truly kicked out of him, but is able to defeat the golem to much applause by the fans and much consternation by the sorcerer king.

Maxlixoco's Decanter

Following the death of Thorin Bloodstone, the trio of Althaea, Rikard, and Samm secured the complex in which he made residence. Official notice was sent to Vintner of the Star Cultists and the artificer Kwalish to use this space as a base of operations given its central location and surprisingly effective hiding place. Kwalish took the opportunity to tell them that he needed a final artifact from a bygone age to complete his project, which he’d already hired an adventuring troupe to go get. He was able to confirm that Praetor Moon was one of the adventurers in a group of three. Vorelixen returned to the manse as well with Stranger in tow, who presented his mission to Samm. Samm dubbed him Tomm, and suggested he travel with them to the next city so he can start a new life somewhere.

The group made their way to Draj by way of the King’s Road, collecting stolen loot from Gulg and Thorin’s manse as they trekked. Nearing the border of Draj-controlled territory, they were able to observe a pair of crooked slavers from House Tsalaxa tormenting slaves and wagering whether or not they could convince the slaves to eat each other. The group made quick work of the slavers, with a very small amount of help from a Gimel Eladrin named Gorye. Gorye recognized Althaea, as she has been continuing Althaea’s mission of peace since Althaea left. She was then exiled, and abducted by slavers. She agrees to travel with the group as Althaea’s pet stooge.

Arriving within Draj, they begin tracking down the purchaser of the Decanter of Endless Water and another piece of the Sorcerer King Slaying set. The ledger references the buyer as Maxlixoco, and though the city is in the midst of some sort of celebration, they are able to determine without much trouble Maxlixoco is the high priest of a religion that deifies Tektucktitlay, the Sorcerer King of Draj. While information gathering, Samm attempted to evade some guards by scaling a curtain. Surprised by guards on the second floor, he was kicked off the curtain and through a window, landing on his back a floor below in the middle of a rather fancy gathering.

Trying to save the day, the rest of the group tried to fit right in. Rikard made his way through the host’s garden while Althaea rubbed elbows with the priest caste and Vorelixen took on her Urikite merchant cover story. With a bit of a fuss when Rikard stumbles in, Vorelixen and Althaea manage to talk their way in to a closed ritual ceremony where they begin rapidly digesting what sort of magic is being utilized. Their cover stories hold, and they eventually discover that Maxlixoco’s office is actually upstairs.

They kicked in the door and slew Maxlixoco’s ambush drakes before they had a chance to earn their namesake. His bodyguard, Teotechtal, was thrown out a window by Rikard’s oaken spear leaving Maxlixoco exposed to a deadly pummeling from Vorelixen’s arcane belligerence and Althaea’s Eladrin-crafted longsword. They learn over the course of the fight that Maxlixoco knew that the Decanter required a “divine spark” to function, and his goal was to use Tektucktitlay to fuel it. He seemed confused as to why it didn’t work. At the end of the fight, Samm recovered the Decanter, and with some divine focus was able to spark a trickle of fresh, cool water from it.

Meanwhile, in Gulg, an enormous castle of arcane origin came crashing through an Aurora Borealis effect, causing extensive destruction to the structure of the city. Gimel and Tich-Yang Eladrin on arcane skiffs slew scores of innocent townsfolk in an unexpectedly brutal massacre. Hanging from a rope ladder off the castle silhouetted by the moonlight were Praetor Moon, Captain Husk, and Priscilla.

The Death of Thorin Bloodstone

With Diana Lannister over her shoulder, Vorelixen hustled out of Thorin’s lair leaving Tan, Rikard, Samm, and Althaea to push on and find its owner. At the top, she wound up face to face with High Praetor Lucius, his guards, and his cohorts Losimaar Quine and Chento Verune. Their conversation was interrupted when a dark stormcloud erupted above them, spilling a fiery meteor down from the sky in to the path from Thorin’s to Lucius’ base.

They agreed to work together briefly, though Lucius was not entirely convinced of Vorelixen’s innocence in the death of a certain templar outside of Tyr. Needing to make a hasty retreat to avoid the Oba’s minions, they move to steal some riding beasts from a stable on the outskirts of the city.

Meanwhile, in Thorin’s lair, our heroes maneuver their demonic pursuers to a bottleneck in a bizarre underground cathedral littered with rickety wooden catwalks and hanging buckets of arcane components. After a brief skirmish, the heroes obliterated the Cambion guard captain of the demonic security and evaded the barrels of grease and plague goop being thrown by a gorilla-like Babau.

They continue their pursuit through the heavily trapped domain, including a swing through one room of Thorin Bloodstone’s ‘failures’ strung up by lengths of iron chain.

Above, Vorelixen and Lucius steal several dinosaur-like riding insects, and use them to evade the Oba’s minions as they push towards Lucius’ command tent and, incidentally, the meteor crash site. Upon arrival there, they find that the meteor was no stone, but a man who fell from the cloud in to the impact site, though curiously mostly unharmed. His amnesia frustrates Vorelixen, but she is more annoyed by the devilspawn of Beelzebub tearing through the fabric of Athas to claim this man and slay her. The fighting was fierce, but retreat was called for when the Oba and her minions arrived on the scene. In a heroic act to save their leaders, Quine and Verune remained behind engaging the Oba herself so Lucius and Vorelixen could escape.

Back below, our heroes found themselves in Thorin’s bizarre planetarium, literally an endless chasm with motes of earth and an elaborate crystal ball reflecting the light of an arcane mining laser. Descending in to the room, the four did battle with Thorin. It went quite poorly at first, and they contemplated fleeing as Thorin beat Rikard’s form to a bloodied pulp. Tan began destroying mirrors throughout the room, believing them to be part of some ritual powering Thorin, however eventually the decision was made to instead reposition mirrors to reflect the mining laser at Thorin himself. In a hard fought struggle, it was fittingly Rikard who struck the final blow, destroying one of the most powerful defilers in Athas’ long and bloody history.

In Pursuit of Thorin Bloodstone

Erupting from beneath the gallows, the abomination of Elgo and Borato blended with necrotic magics tossed our heroes from where they stood to the ground, with scarcely enough time for Althaea to fey-step to Rikard’s side, force-feeding him the healing acorn infused with Druidic magics. They dueled the creature for a long time, giving it flashbacks as they knocked it repeatedly in to a pit and piled on as a group. After vanquishing the creature, they moved to inspect a strange brown tent that they hadn’t seen before the fight.

Within, a number of guard corpses lay on the forest floor, blood still training from wicked wounds inflicted by blunt force trauma and necrotic teeth or claws. They briefly interrogated a frightened guard who hid behind some furniture, and once they had received their information Vorelixen slew him ignoring Althaea’s demand to spare his life. Perhaps motivated to leave by her frustration, Althaea displayed some uncharacteristically exceptional tracking skill putting Rikard to shame. They pursued the killer and his abductee, Rikard’s mother, through a sickly pungent swampland. Using their various talents they managed to evade the web of arcane traps and arrived at a swampy plain so defiled even the necrotic trees of the Oba’s realm shied away from it.

They descended in to a deep cylindrical tunnel beneath the swampy terrain, taking a dangerously designed spiral staircase for a long while to reach the bottom. The stairs terminated abruptly at a mirror-sheen floor, making the descent disorienting and giving the entire complex a sort of bizarre ghost light of reddish tint.

They met up with a thief named Tan in the complex, who explained he’d already been attacked by one of the guards and would be happy to join forces to avoid receiving a second infernal wound. Everybody was fairly amicable to stealing, aside from Rikard, though he didn’t prevent anybody from doing so. They defeated a small patrol of demons, and found themselves walking through a gallery of paintings and sculptures depicting bits and pieces of Rikard’s childhood. As the ages increased, they moved towards a part of the gallery that was ruined from some calamitous event, nearer to Rikard’s more adult years. They looted one of Thorin Bloodstone’s cabinets of ritual scrolls, and Rikard invoked the History Revealed ritual on the spot of the destruction.

The vision they saw included Thorin Bloodstone having a minor tantrum during a discussion with his minions: Jigoku the Oni, Templar Mara, and Titivilus, the Nuncio of Dis. When Mara mentioned Hamanu’s opinion, Thorin snapped and used some sort of hideous necromantic magics to force her token of Hamanu’s Grace through her windpipe, giving her the characteristic oozing open wound in the throat the party had seen before in their travels.

After seeing several of their loose ends tied by a madman, they decided to push forth and rescue Rikard’s mother. They located her in a prison chamber guarded by a massive golem made of literal treasure. Dispatching it along with several other guards, they managed to bust the Lannister woman from her cell and calm her down enough to be reasonable. Frustrated with the circumstances, Rikard called out taunts and threats to his father, and refused to leave until he got his answers. Vorelixen vacated the complex with Rikard’s mother, while Rikard, Althaea, Samm, and Tan moved on.

The Lannister Estate

Our heroes travel through the dusty sands and steep mountains on their way to the Forest City of Gulg, the Oba’s domain, and Rikard’s birthplace. Their travels take them to the Witch Fens, which is full with dense jungle-like terrain forced through the sandy infertile earth by the Sorcerer Queen’s defiling magics. They set up came for the evening in the Witch Fens, and find themselves magically inclined to sleep as a result of some sickly sweet smelling mist washing over them. Combating the urge as hard as he can, Samm manages to stay awake long enough to view three wispy ethereal crones arriving at the camp, looking over them as though food, and rifling through their stuff. They they find Althaea, they react with surprise, and wind up producing a small yellow bag full of freshly yanked witch hair and a wooden doorknob. They push the bag in to Althaea’s hand, and wisp away on the wind.

They are immediately approached by an unhinged inventor named Kwalish, who explains with great excitement that his recipe for witch repellant works. He invites them back to his hut for tea, which excites Althaea. Vorelixen and Rikard tag along without complaint, while Samm is on edge and utterly uncomfortable with the whole idea.

Kwalish takes them on a tour of his various inventions, most of which are utterly unnecessary or have incredibly narrow purpose. He serves them tea and offers them the chance to invest in his business so he can attempt to build a flying ship. The group comes up with a suitable bargain, render him 2000 gold, and bid him farewell with several doses of witch repellant and some jars of magically silenced screaming ghosts in tow.

They arrive within Gulg and are approached by a messenger, who delivers a message to Rikard regarding his mother’s health and his presence being needed at the Lannister estate. The group heads in to the obvious trap in finery but with weapons and armor handy, and wind up defeating the would be ambushers with startling ease. They interrogate Blythe a bit, discovering the matriarch of the Lannister estate, Rikard’s mother, is being put to death for conspiracy against the crown. In truth, she was using her sway to keep prying eyes off Rikard, until it was discovered he was part of the Veiled Alliance and actively pursuing artifacts thought of to be capable of slaying a Sorcerer King.

They begin digging up leads to the location of this execution. Samm, avoiding some guards, climbs a damp wall but is unaccustomed to the moisture and slips over the other side. Althaea attempts to cover up for him, but the lady of the house doesn’t believe her. Althaea then claims she was forced at glaive-point to lie for him, and they invite her in for tea while Samm flees through their house. Rikard notices the guard schedules have changed, and he goes to the guard house to set off their various alarms to give them misleading clues. This backfires, and he winds up using his incredible perception (and tolerance for pain) setting off and avoiding the worst of the magical traps. Vorelixen brands an altar boy of the Oba worshipping religion with the mark of six fingers, and follows their claims to a large religious demonstration nearby. She slays the entire assembly and defiles the ritual, and then when escaping the guards comes across a home of man-eating halflings. She sells out the altar boys to the halflings, and is able to use the carnage to get free.

Samm eventually gets caught, though some very strange divine intervention triggers a hidden guillotine buying enough of a distraction for him to free himself and beat the crap out of his captors. Other members of the group wind up in the same room with more guards in pursuit, though they are given a little hesitation when it’s pointed out they’re in the same room as two maniacs covered head to toe in the blood of their friends.

Nearing the end of the carnage, Samm steps out in to the street to find significantly more guards and warriors than he can realistically deal with. He manifests a bit of divine power, and a few moments later walks away from the growing pool of blood in the streets.

Decidedly unnerving for the peoples of Gulg, their town has turned in to some sort of divine battleground. Infernal magics courtesy of Vorelixen, Druidic wizardry from Rikard, the influence of the Raven Queen from Samm, and the Oba’s twisted self worship do battle with each other across the streets. Eventually it leads them all to the execution site, where it is revealed to no one’s surprise a trap has been set. Erupting from beneath the guillotine is a stitched and cobbled together abomination, made from magically reconstituted flesh of Elgo and Borato.

The Grove

Having escaped the Under-Tyr and eluded their Illithid pursuers, our heroes pause to catch their breaths still within the basement that conceals the Under-Tyr entrance. Samm begins to feel woozy as he experiences a vision of himself wandering through a grassy field, following a unicorn foal to the Decanter of Endless Water. A short old man with spectacles has a strange conversation with him, which is interrupted by a molten eruption from one side and an abrupt and violent winter storm from the other. He sputters some prophetic nonsense in the final moments of the vision, most notably the importance of “the man with two minds” and “the creature that death follows.”

When he awakes, Arthur is urging everybody upstairs, where he is psionically battling warrior monks from Gulg. Overwhelmed, the party comes to his aid and defeats the monks in a violent struggle on Tyr’s dusty streets. Overcome with curiosity, Rikard opts to use a ritual he has learned to question the leader of the group. The rest of the group semi-willingly (or in Vorelixen’s case, hyper-willingly) assist in Rikard’s use of the ritual, of which the power level is too high for him to use without defiling. Though he completes the spell, his lack of arcane knowledge results in only enough time to answer one question from the corpse. He asks who sent them to Tyr, and the corpse answers “Lalali-Puy”, the sorcerer queen of Gulg itself.

Heading to Tulnis’ office, they take another look at his network of strings, now able to decode a bit more. Rikard spots a string with a single pumpkin seed hanging from it, which reacts with the Sargessa causing him to psionically project a vision the others can see on the smooth white walls of the office. In it, a circle of druids are ritualistically blessing the elaborate spear illustrated by Molael Gaft, and passing it to a muscled scarred man who practices with it blindfolded before wandering off. The Sargessa swoons at this man, and begins guiding Rikard to this grove’s location.

The group heads out to the grove, only a few days away, and they meet a druid there named Dorean. Dorean explains that the spear was a gift from a relative of one of their dwarven druids, and came as part of a set they still owned some of. They kept it in a vault nearby, which had been the recipient of a particularly odd phenomenon that flash-froze the area and evidently triggered the return of a small tribe of kobolds. The party arrives to claim these items, and finds the kobolds have trapped the area to high hell making it particularly dangerous to traverse. Althaea gets fed up and fey steps to the small cave, engaging the tribe’s shaman while recovering the items left behind. They escape the buttered stairs to the world above and return to the grove.

A templar of Balic lies in wait for them, having seriously injured Dorean. He demands the items be handed over to him, citing Andropinis’ pleasure they were recovered. Rikard resists, insisting they are his birthright as they were smithed by his father. Vorelixen mostly tries to give them up, but wavers seeing her party’s trepidation. The templar scoffs at the delay and urges his men to kill them, and they quickly subdue Vorelixen who was already seriously injured. Rikard tries to flee, but changes his mind to save Vorelixen, while Samm engages the templar, his guards, his minions, and their stolen circus Owlbear with some assistance from Althaea. The guards set the grove aflame, and Rikard takes the opportunity to attune to nature and try to force these invaders out. Against all odds, his psionic power manifests (augmented by the Sargessa perhaps) and the trees themselves obliterate the grove’s destroyers. The group applies some medical attention to Dorean, and decide the next step is to pursue their leads in Gulg, which would certainly help solve some of the riddle of these artifacts as well as shed some light on why the Oba wishes the group dead.


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