The Sargessa, Martyr of Minds

Sentient Psionic Artifact


Current Concordance of 11
The Sargessa confers a 1 item bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls by powers with the ‘psychic’ keyword.
Bonus to Will defense +1/
2/+3 (by tier)
Power, Encounter: Free action, use this power when an ally within 10 squares is hit and damage by an enemy. Spend a healing surge. Roll damage as normal, but apply the final result to the wielder of the Sargessa instead of the target. This damage may not be reduced in any way. Until the end of the encounter, you suffer a -2 penalty to your Will defense.

Current Concordance of 6

Requirement: The wielder must possess at least one psionic power point.
Special: The wielder gains two psionic power points.
Power, Daily: Free action. Regain the use of one expended encounter power. You lose a healing surge. If you cannot, you lose your current healing surge value in hit points which cannot be reduced by any means.

Concordance modifiers:
+1: Wielder gains a level.
+1: Wielder falls in battle.
+3: Wielder takes damage from using this artifact’s daily power.
-1: Succeed in a combat without taking any damage.
-5: An ally falls in battle while the wielder has more than 0 hit points.


The Sargessa demands sacrifice by its wielder, finding weakness in allowing allies to fall while you still stand. It gives its favor very sparingly, and even when it does it is so fickle and short-term of memory that it can painfully rebuke those it feels waste it. Though its history is unknown, it has survived countless generations and been wielded by many very short-lived heroes.

The Sargessa, Martyr of Minds

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