Vorelixen Xanthus

Kingslayer, Sworn to the Servitude of Baalzebul


“Such an ugly child! It’s obvious she takes after her mother, the whore…” ~ Aurelia Xanthus

It was a particularly ruthless heat which permeated the Xanthus estate the night its heir was delivered to the master of the house in the arms of a rogue. An elven woman whose name is lost to history stood at the door, soaked in sweat, demanding restitution for the grueling labor and birth of his baby girl. She thought herself quite clever for that, a quick means to squeeze some gold out of the upper crust of Balic.

It was, therefore, quite a shock to her, when he claimed the baby and had her imprisoned for extortion until he could determine the paternity of the child. The High Praetor had tried, in vain, to father a child with his young wife. Aurelia, for her part, had long since turned barren by virtue of the defiling magics running through her household. Her husband took exemptions from the law where he could, and thought only of furthering his own legacy.

She stood several paces behind her him, raw fury apparent on her face as he took the child into his arms gingerly – handing it over to one of the only maids whose legs he’d yet to part. Nanee brought her into the laboratory, where Vorelixen’s father gave her the first scar.

The ritual left a crescent on the ball of her left shoulder, red from the drawing of her blood. It laid the groundwork for her ominous appearance later in life, and the deed was done.

Deimos Xanthus had his heir, and the elf who bore her was cast into the sands.

Vorelixen Xanthus

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