•   Althaea


    An Eladrin warlord out to restore the life of Athas and make it a safer place for all creatures. Um, if that's alright with you. I can come back later...
  •   Rikard Lannister

    Rikard Lannister

    The Mul descendant of foreign nobility, out to make the world a better place for flora everywhere.
  •   Samm Udema

    Samm Udema

    The second M is for jagoff.
  •   Vorelixen Xanthus

    Vorelixen Xanthus

    Kingslayer, Sworn to the Servitude of Baalzebul
  •  Addo


    A Mul scout-guide who navigates entirely on psionic awareness.
  •  Ared Kalid-Not

    Ared Kalid-Not

    A former Broken Builders defiler with a peculiar immunity to death, once turned to the group for protection from his (now deceased) cultist leader. Current ruler of the city-state Xanthus.
  •  Bernard


    The leader of the Golden Wheel Caravan Company, which assisted the heroes in getting past the guards of Gulg.
  •  Blythe


    Manservant of the Lannister Estate, and childhood friend of Rikard. Involved in the selling out and capture of the Lannister house.
  •  C'Wathhu


    A Thri-Kreen warrior friend of Samm's who makes a living on the gladiator circuit.
  •  Captain Mauth

    Captain Mauth

    A sea captain of House Tomblador.
  •  Carden


    A Baalzebul worshipper whose services were granted to Vorelixen when she made a new devilish pact.
  •  Diana Lannister

    Diana Lannister

    Rikard's mother, a deposed human noble formerly of Gulg. 'Rescued' from the Oba by forces under Thorin Bloodstone's employ, and then rescued properly by our heroes from Thorin's prison chamber.
  •  Durgos


    The Zeiran of the Githzerai clan living in the Library.
  •  Ella Tourna

    Ella Tourna

    A Tiefling wizard with government sanction to practice magic, with possible connections to the Veiled Alliance.
  •  Granger


    Samm's recent hire, a thri-kreen gravedigger under contract not to eat the bodies he's due to bury.
  •  Hariharan


    An eladrin who communicated with Del to subvert a cult in the Royal Library of Urik.
  •  High Praetor Ganus

    High Praetor Ganus

    Balic's High Praetor of city works and development.
  •  High Praetor Madoon

    High Praetor Madoon

    Balic's High Praetor of trade and wealth.
  •  Inquisitor Randall Sapesh

    Inquisitor Randall Sapesh

    Inquisitor of Urik, responsible for finding and arresting Veiled Alliance operatives.
  •  Jasper Tomblador

    Jasper Tomblador

    Eldest son of Orodic, and potentially heir to the Tomblador estates.
  •  Kaldre, Vizier of Durgos

    Kaldre, Vizier of Durgos

    A shaman-like vision seer who assists Durgos and the Githzerai of the Library.
  •  Kao


    Half-Giant muscle of House Tomblador.
  •  Kik'Oda


    A Thri Kreen samurai private investigator, researching cult activity in Namarra.
  •  King Suckle Honeyleaf

    King Suckle Honeyleaf

    A monarch within the Alabaster Prison, a ruler of the Sidhe, and incredibly annoying to Samm and Vorelixen.
  •  Ku'Catza


    A Thri-Kreen stormwatcher who'd rather pretend to be calm than put his insecurities on display.
  •  Lennard Udema

    Lennard Udema

    Samm's skeevy, double dealing uncle who was rewarded with poverty when Samm dispersed his wealth to the more responsible members of the family.
  •  Merin


    The halfling impressario of the Odyssey Theater, who is also a sanctioned spell user.
  •  Mierdi


    The survivor of the dwarf twin engineers, a rude and snippy but very effective individual.
  •  Orodic Tomblador

    Orodic Tomblador

    The aging head of House Tomblador who cut ties with the ousted Maddock.
  •  Pali


    One of Arthur's gypsy advisers. Heavyset with a dark mustache.
  •  Praetor Moon

    Praetor Moon

    A very fat but very cheerful Praetor of Balic, placed in charge of many Balican PR projects.
  •  Priscilla


    Scatterbrained Dwarven assistant to Vorelixen and her crew.
  •  Puce


    The squire of Durgos, working as a defender of the Library Githzerai.
  •  Sadira Khan

    Sadira Khan

    A former gladiator slave who joined the Veiled Alliance after her master tried to kill her with a poisonous snake.
  •  Sergeant Haziz

    Sergeant Haziz

    The sergeant of Urik's detachment of troops following the paragons to liberate Tyr.
  •  Tan


    A thief, discovered in Thorin Bloodstone's vault.
  •  Tarin


    A sultry elf maiden Vorelixen employs as indentured servant-spy in exchange for sparing her life.
  •  Theos the Snake

    Theos the Snake

    Tattooed Elven sellsword of House Tomblador.
  •  Tsuritsa


    One of Arthur's gypsy advisers. Dark curly hair and a boil on her cheek. She bases her advice on spiritual tradition steeped in palm reading and cards.
  •  Vintner, the Star Cultist

    Vintner, the Star Cultist

    A bizarre cultist, who believes in a spiritual power granted by the stars above.
  •  Vita Tourna

    Vita Tourna

    The elder Tourna sister, a tiefling wizard part of the Urikite branch of the Veiled Alliance.
  •  Xhek Vaghn

    Xhek Vaghn

    A professional gambler who joined the Veiled Alliance for legitimately altruistic purposes.
  • Abalech-Re (deceased)

    Abalech-Re (deceased)

    The former sorcerer queen of Raam, dispatched in her treasure room.
  • Abernil Maddock (deceased)

    Abernil Maddock (deceased)

    A former high praetor of Balic, disgraced when ousted as a cultist and conspirator. Slain at the Battle of Kamatur, his spirit devoured by the mad and hungry ghosts left in the gray from the many torments he inflicted on them in life.
  • Albert Shale (deceased)

    Albert Shale (deceased)

    An innkeeper and representative of tradesmen in the Veiled Alliance's high council.
  • Alnurac (deceased)

    Alnurac (deceased)

    The former head of a Dis-based law firm, a succubus now slain.
  • Andropinis, the Dictator (deceased)

    Andropinis, the Dictator (deceased)

    The former Dictator of Balic, a sorcerer king and the apparent destroyer of the last vestiges of the temple of the Raven Queen. Slain over the outlying farms of Balic after transforming in to a dragon against his will.
  • Anguish (deceased)

    Anguish (deceased)

    A wildly successful, and wildly mad, tiefling playwright of Balic.
  • Archeffon "Archie" of the Library (deceased)

    Archeffon "Archie" of the Library (deceased)

    A disturbed Eladrin from Althaea's past, damned to eternity in Hellish torment.
  • Argiovinias (deceased)

    Argiovinias (deceased)

    The Vizier Devil of Dis who liaisoned between Vorelixen and Titivilus. Betrayed and slain by agents of Mephistopheles in Kalidnay.
  • Arthur (deceased)

    Arthur (deceased)

    A kalashtar working closely with Tulnis in Tyr. Uses gypsy connections to hide their business.
  • Beltorious (deceased)

    Beltorious (deceased)

    A politico Pit Fiend who was dispatched and robbed by the heroes to keep a deal with the General of Cania.
  • Boder (deceased)

    Boder (deceased)

    A Tich-Yang Eladrin captain, who was a front line warrior in the Library Wars with the Gimel. Slain in the Battle of Kamatur when devoured by ghouls.
  • Borato (deceased)

    Borato (deceased)

    A part of the former duo of shapeshifting androgynous criminals working for Maddock. Last seen falling down a bottomless pit in Delwraith Prison.
  • Cantius (deceased)

    Cantius (deceased)

    The musical accompaniment for Orzo's traveling caravan. Killed at the Battle of Kamatur.
  • Captain Husk (deceased)

    Captain Husk (deceased)

    The brash but successful silt pirate captain, who values a good wager more than anything. Killed by the Raven Queen in the escape from Lutherna.
  • Chento Verune (MIA)

    Chento Verune (MIA)

    A human Balic investigator, who hears out Vorelixen's story and believes she is innocent. Coworker of Quine.
  • Deacon (deceased)

    Deacon (deceased)

    The stern head guard of Orzo's caravan elite. Slain at the Battle of Kamatur.
  • Del (deceased)

    Del (deceased)

    A scummy elven merchant, known to rip off a slew of people and disappear in to the wastes. Killed in Urik when he attempted to assassinate Vorelixen.
  • Dorean (MIA)

    Dorean (MIA)

    The dwarven archdruid who lead the grove by Tyr until a templar of Balic burned it to the ground.
  • Eiber (deceased)

    Eiber (deceased)

    The scribe employed by the Vorelixen expedition, separated to multiple personalities by Maddock's psionic tinkering.
  • Elgo (deceased)

    Elgo (deceased)

    An androgynous shapeshifting chain fighter, who plagued the group until they found him in Hell and turned him in to currency.
  • Folyk Charce (deceased)

    Folyk Charce (deceased)

    A corrupt nobleman, who joined the Veiled Alliance for protection but mostly personal gain. Slain by Ared during a failed backstabbing in Tyr.
  • Gebak Tomee (deceased)

    Gebak Tomee (deceased)

    Leon Strassam's right hand man when performing the duties of acting captain. Tomee is more legitimate than his pirate counterparts and believes he's not being paid enough to pick sides in an eventual mutiny. Killed by Samm when his crew mutinied in the
  • Gisella (deceased)

    Gisella (deceased)

    A pirate bailed from a Raam prison with a monetary donation from Maddock, slain over the Desert's Tear in Ul-Athra's unbinding
  • Gorye (deceased)

    Gorye (deceased)

    A Gimel Eladrin exiled for campaigning for peace between the Gimel and Tich-Yang. Rescued by the party outside of Draj. Later died a hero's death by piloting the weaponized Nyrrandahl harmlessly in to the silt sands outside of Balic.
  • Hamanu, King of Urik (deceased)

    Hamanu, King of Urik (deceased)

    The God-King of Urik, the Lion God, and a host of other names. Crushed to death by the Dragon of Tyr.
  • High Praetor DeConste (deceased)

    High Praetor DeConste (deceased)

    Andropinis' replacement of High Praetor Lucius, DeConste ran Balic's military operations until she was killed in a riot in the arena the day of Andropinis' defeat.
  • High Praetor Lucius (deceased)

    High Praetor Lucius (deceased)

    Balic's High Praetor of military power.
  • High Praetor Tovis (deceased)

    High Praetor Tovis (deceased)

    Balic's former High Praetor of foreign affairs and diplomacy, was cut down defending Andropinis in the battle of Nyrrandahl.
  • High Praetor Tulnis (deceased)

    High Praetor Tulnis (deceased)

    Balic's High Praetor of law enforcement, who went missing during the plague Maddock unleashed on the city. Defunct in role with Vorelixen's rising. Found killed by Mind Flayers under Tyr.
  • Horace (deceased)

    Horace (deceased)

    The owner of an estate in Tyr that our heroes broke in to, looking for answers about Molael Gaft's death. Killed in the liberation of Tyr.
  • Jigoku (deceased)

    Jigoku (deceased)

    An Oni released twice by Rikard, from the Sandstone Caverns and from Hell. Slain during the Battle of Kamatur, while distracted by Rikard's parentage.
  • Keltinjin (MIA)

    Keltinjin (MIA)

    The military general and current ruler of Cania, who owes the group assistance at a later date.
  • Kwalish (MIA)

    Kwalish (MIA)

    Slightly addled inventor-hermit living in the Witch Fens outside of Gulg.
  • Lakan-Do (deceased)

    Lakan-Do (deceased)

    The surviving mystic of Kalidnay and a member of a family line devoted to Kalid-Ma's return to power.
  • Lalali-Puy, the Oba (deceased)

    Lalali-Puy, the Oba (deceased)

    Self-crowned as Empress of Athas, a sorcerer king who took over the realm when Hamanu of Urik disappeared and in the aftermath of the slaying of her peers.
  • Leo Tomblador (deceased)

    Leo Tomblador (deceased)

    Youngest son of Orodic Tomblador, exiled from his house when he took on contracts for Maddock after his ousting.
  • Leon Strassam (deceased)

    Leon Strassam (deceased)

    The traitorous first mate of the scrappy ship Tragic Hero, later commissioned by Andropinis to pilot the Nyrrandahl. Died in the attack that slew Andropinis.
  • Lieutenant Obe (deceased)

    Lieutenant Obe (deceased)

    A lieutenant sent by Hamanu to assist the party in reaching the Forest Crescent. Slain by Samm when suspected of spying.
  • Lissthiss (deceased)

    Lissthiss (deceased)

    The deceased Id Fiend controller of the Dreamwalkers gang in Namarra.
  • Losimaar Quine (MIA)

    Losimaar Quine (MIA)

    A gruff dwarven Balic investigator, who suspects Vorelixen of treason.
  • Lutherna's Champion (deceased)

    Lutherna's Champion (deceased)

    A warrior from another world groomed to take Samm's place as Lutherna's champion. Killed as part of a Broken Builders trap under Raam.
  • Lydia (deceased)

    Lydia (deceased)

    A former member of Vorelixen's assassin cult who performed a number of high profile murders to frame Vorelixen, and then attempted to release Mephistopheles. Killed in Mephistar's Toxic Zone.
  • Mara, She Which Bleeds (deceased)

    Mara, She Which Bleeds (deceased)

    A former Urik templar, who was part of Maddock's conspiracy until his double dealings were exposed. Escaped from her diamond mine in the crescent mountains to location unknown.
  • Maxlixoco (deceased)

    Maxlixoco (deceased)

    The former high priest of Tektucktitlay's religion in Draj, slain by the group to reclaim the Decanter of Endless Water and track another piece of the sorcerer king slaying set. His bodyguard, Teotechtal, also perished.
  • Mephistopheles (deceased)

    Mephistopheles (deceased)

    The former lord of the 8th, killed in the Toxic Zone of Mephistar and "buried" in the Black.
  • Nanee (deceased)

    Nanee (deceased)

    Second victim of the Thrax fledgling, condemned in Hell to an eternity of holding a fiery dragon's jaws apart. She remains an ally to Vorelixen, albeit unwillingly.
  • Old White Eyes (deceased)

    Old White Eyes (deceased)

    The head of the mind flayer gestapo in Tyr, slain in a complex trap by the Resistance.
  • Orzo the Fat (deceased)

    Orzo the Fat (deceased)

    The jovial leader of a traveling caravan that brought our heroes back to Balic, done in at the Battle of Kamatur when the warriors he armed with watered down potions and cheap weapons were worn down by more legitimate products.
  • Ramali (deceased)

    Ramali (deceased)

    The leader of the Veiled Alliance cell of Raam.
  • Raven Queen (deceased)

    Raven Queen (deceased)

    The goddess of death, fate, and winter.
  • Ro (deceased)

    Ro (deceased)

    The half-giant slave who became the Thrax's first victim in the grove of Pride of Balic.
  • Rumphio (deceased)

    Rumphio (deceased)

    A former prominent playwright in Balic, discovered to be a Veiled Alliance member, demonist, and skindancer. Slain at the Nauripides Estate.
  • Sargessa (deceased)

    Sargessa (deceased)

    A sentient psionic orb, liberated from the Eyrnoeld estate by Rikard. Also called the Martyr of Minds. Destroyed in Bloodstone's Forge and reappearing in the possession of a dead Mind Flayer in Tyr.
  • Stebbal (deceased)

    Stebbal (deceased)

    A retired halfling gladiator fighter, living the good life in Namarra eating slaves. Killed by Andropinis' superweapon.
  • Tarek (MIA)

    Tarek (MIA)

    An unlucky recipient of some long-lost genes, searching the world to prevent his visions of calamity from coming to pass.
  • Tectuktitlay (deceased)

    Tectuktitlay (deceased)

    Sorcerer king of Draj, who was aware of Vorelixen's brand and Ared's condition. Killed in his own arena on a celebration day.
  • Thakok-An, the Faith Warden (deceased)

    Thakok-An, the Faith Warden (deceased)

    The Faith Warden of the city of Kalidnay, and formerly a mediocre templar of Kalid-Ma. Killed by Ared in the reclaiming of the city.
  • Thorin Bloodstone (deceased)

    Thorin Bloodstone (deceased)

    Rikard's sinister dwarven father, an exceptional crafter, defiler, and manipulator. Slain in his lair by his own creations - his bastard son, and his arcane mining laser.
  • Titivilus (MIA)

    Titivilus (MIA)

    The Nuncio of Dis, dark aide of Dispater.
  • Tomm (deceased)

    Tomm (deceased)

    A man who mysteriously fell from the skies above Gulg during the carnage in Thorin Bloodstone's lair.
  • Vastok (deceased)

    Vastok (deceased)

    A Tiefling information dealer, discovered to have a sordid past with illegal magic transgressions. Killed by Andropinis' superweapon.
  • Verdan (deceased)

    Verdan (deceased)

    The deceased of the twin dwarf engineers, having been transformed in to a Thrax fledgling.