Silt Striders of Balic

The Grasp of the Oba

The world has taken a strange turn since our heroes find themselves dumped unceremoniously in to the sands in a way only Althaea really finds familiar. The dunes are lit with violet light that causes the mind to swim and sanity to erode, and though they find themselves at Altaruk they see it is guarded not by the usual human or elven guards but by devils, apparently displaced from their own plane. They quickly find out that many extraplanar creatures have had to find ways to be at home here, as their own realms have been either shattered or occupied by the Far Realm. Within Altaruk, they see devils, demons, elementals, and the usual slew of Athasian sentients and even some races thought to have been extinct, and likely would still be if not for escaping their eternal torment in Hell’s detonation.

Seeking to regroup and dig up information, they set up camp at the bar stools. Samm realizes at this moment that he fought, and won, his war. He was going to wait out the Star of Madness’ prophecy and drink until death claimed him. Disgusted the other three followed a lead to an abandoned storefront in Altaruk leaving him there. Within they found some old friends and a lot of information – Apparently according to Ganus, Kik’oda, Arthur, Tomm, and Gazbordical, the world has changed pretty radically even beyond what they’ve already seen. It’s been six months since they were lost in planar space, and in that time the Oba has laid claim over almost the entire world. She has been thus far unable to conquer Nibenay, and her claim to Urik is being contested by the locals, but known civilization otherwise belongs to her. Further, she is regarded as a saint and a hero for holding back the incursion of the Far Realm, known to be amassing at a tumor in the world where Raam once stood. Hamanu’s location, as well as Ared’s and in fact the entire city of Xanthus, are completely unknown. It was believed that Xanthus had planar traveled in the past and potentially had done so again.

With few leads as to stopping the apocalypse, the group decided they had unfinished business and set out to accomplish their final desires before regrouping to face the end. Althaea and Vorelixen, with Vintner close behind, set out towards Urik to see what damage the war between the locals and the Oba had occurred and to hopefully track down their missing sorcerer king to be finally dispatched. Rikard traveled to Gulg, perfecting his ritual for the creation of deadly fungal spores to combat the Oba’s unnatural plants. Samm, thoroughly inebriated and without speaking to the others, set out to the grove at Balic to dig his own grave.



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