Silt Striders of Balic

The Doppleganger's Defeat

As Samm’s corpse hit the sands, Althaea flew in to a rage and in the ensuing combat managed to wrest control of the fight from the High Praetor DeConste and cut her down, causing some of the combatants to take a step back and reassess their chances of winning the scrum. Meanwhile, Samm’s spirit found itself imprisoned in the Raven Queen’s domain, taunted by a shadowy figure in the darkness. Finding his way to the Raven Queen’s throne, he found it occupied by the Arch Devil Dispater, who referenced a deal bringing Samm to him. Samm proved that his strength of will was the better, and Dispater was not powerful enough to collect. Literally unwilling to die, Samm became a legendary figure known as an Undying Warrior, and rejoined the chaos in the arena.

Seeing a religious experience immediately before them, the onlookers took to following the direction of the four as a full on riot broke out over the city and templar peacekeepers were either converted to anarchists on the spot or killed for their role in the fascism they endured. The throng broke the palace doors down and chased Andropinis’ body double in to the palace gardens, where he was slain before the crowd giving them the illusion of freedom. In the aftermath, the crowd literally tore down walls of Andropinis’ Alabaster Prison, freeing the imprisoned inside and discovering an active portal to the debris and remnants of the Feywild.

The group quickly arrived to survey it themselves, but in so doing alerted an angel of wrath who had been dispatched by “Melora” to destroy Althaea for crimes against her. Engaging the group with the aid of a phoenix, it proved no match for them and the phoenix was rapidly converted to a willing mount with the nature expertise of Rikard.

As Andropinis returned to the city to put down the rebellion, the phoenix took off through the portal and in to Athas, bringing the four to the floating citadel Nyrrandahl for the final showdown.



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